Monique Beltran believes that all beings have the birthright to healing from within self or in community. Monique's unique upbringing has helped Monique cultivate and hone skills as an empathic person and an intuitive, this aids in guiding others with their self healing abilitiesAlthough Monique has had personal practice holding space for 6 year, Monique has been a Certified Reiki Healer for over 3 and then receiving a Master Level certification in September 2014. All of the modalities used during healings heavily rely on having a strong connection to intuition, an aspect of self Monique has always had a connection to and believes all beings can develop a connection to, with practice. After having sessions with Monique, people feel enlighten, having obtained a deeper understanding of self. Monique is a healer to hold space, with the intention of being a reflections for all beings, to see, that they, too are healers.